Benefits at a glance

Corporate Supporter package descriptions

Corporate Supporters can use our new Corporate Supporter logos on your website and marketing to demonstrate their support for OWASP.

Corporate Sponsorship of participating Projects or Chapters

Corporate Supporters can contribute 10% of their Corporate Supporter fee to participating chapters or projects. OWASP will add this contribution to the Expenses pool with no administrative fee to benefit all Chapters and Projects. In return, participating Chapters or Projects may add your logo to their home page and are encouraged to recognize your contribution at the start of meetings or in the project’s deliverable, where possible.

  • Platinum 10 projects/chapters
  • Gold 5 projects/chapters
  • Silver 1 project/chapter

NB: Not all chapters or projects participate in this benefit. Please get in touch with us to connect you with the relevant Chapter or Project Leader.

Corporate Sponsorship of participating AppSec Days events

Corporate Supporters can obtain early access to sponsor participating AppSec Day regional events. AppSec Days sponsorship fees vary from event to event, so please get in touch with us for details.

NB: Not all AppSec Day regional events participate in this benefit. Please contact us to connect you with the relevant Event Leadership team.

Early bird Global AppSec registrations

Many employers provide training and conferences as an employment benefit. Your staff can use the included Early Bird Global AppSec Registration discount codes. The discount code grants them access to the OWASP Member discount, even if they are not individual OWASP members. This benefit does not stack if they are individual members. Discounts do not apply to training.

Package Global AppSec H1 Global AppSec H2
Platinum 10 discount codes 10 discount codes
Gold 5 discount codes 5 discount codes
Silver 1 discount code 1 discount code

OWASP will send through your discount code entitlements for each event as registrations are first opened to ensure your staff doesn’t miss out. The discount codes are only valid for the relevant Global AppSec within the early bird registration period and are not transferrable to another event.

  • Global AppSec H1 is usually held in Europe in the first half of the year
  • Global AppSec H2 is usually held in North America in the second half of the year

Your logo on

Corporate Supporters get their logo and a descriptive blurb on the website, which appear on our supporters page and randomly at the bottom of every page on

  • Platinum Large size
  • Gold Medium size
  • Silver Standard size

We will work with you to obtain a transparent icon of 300px X 90px at 72dpi. Our website automatically sizes your icon per the Corporate Supporter level.

Rotation Priority

Our updated Corporate Supporter program implements improved rotation for Platinum and Gold supporters while still providing a great deal of exposure for Silver supporters. Platinum supporters will receive a 20% boost over a Silver supporter, Gold is 10% more likely to be shown than Silver, and our Silver supporters will share the residual rotation. website traffic has grown dramatically since 2019, with more than 4 million monthly page views. Hence, our Silver supporters still receive more views than in 2019, despite the lower ratio.

Social Media Recognition

Your company will be recognized for supporting the OWASP Foundation as a Corporate Supporter on the OWASP social media platforms.

Early access to Global AppSec Exhibitor/Sponsorship Packages

Global AppSec Event Sponsorships are usually entirely sold out very quickly. You might miss out on your preferred location or desired package. The Platinum Corporate Supporter benefit gives early access to the best packages, prime locations, and the best-sized booths, with the most benefits!

Global AppSec Corporate Event Exhibitor/Sponsorship Subsidy

Up to USD 2,500 of your Corporate Supporter fee can be applied towards a Global AppSec exhibitor/sponsorship package.

Package Standard Regional Startup
Platinum 2,500 1,000  
Gold 1,500 600  
Silver 500 200 200

Option to provide an OWASP Individual Member benefit (must meet OWASP approval)

Available for Platinum and Gold Corporate Supporters. Provide OWASP members with an individual member benefit, such as an easy-to-use developer-first encryption-as-code platform or hands-on application security training. Contact us for more details.

Job Posting Board

Available for Platinum and Gold Corporate Supporters. Company logo and URL to your hiring page are displayed on OWASP’s Job Posting web page.