What's New

Our new packages contain many new benefits for organizations of all sizes. We will work with you to understand your requirements to determine the best Corporate Supporter package that meets your needs. Contact Us today to learn more or become a Corporate Supporter!

New benefits

  • New! Platinum, Gold, and Silver packages are now available to all
  • New! OWASP Corporate Supporter Logo for your website
  • New! OWASP Trademark License
  • New! Corporate Sponsorship of participating projects or chapters
  • New! Corporate Sponsorship of participating AppSec Days events
  • New! Early bird Global AppSec Registration Discounts

Improved benefits

  • Improved: Larger logos for Platinum and Gold members
  • Improved: Rotation priority for Platinum and Gold members
  • Improved: Social Media Recognition
  • Improved: News article upon signing
  • Improved: Early access to Global AppSec Sponsorship
  • Improved: Regional and Start-up Corporate Supporters now have access to the discounted Corporate Event Sponsorship

What’s staying the same

All of our prior benefits are available unchanged or improved without any action required by current Corporate Supporters.

  • Ambassador for OWASP Board of Directors election vote

Migration plan

Current Corporate Supporters do not need to take any action or adopt any of these new benefits. However, we are making the new benefits available to existing members. For more details, please see the detailed migration page.