Packages and Prices

OWASP’s updated Corporate Supporter packages now contain more benefits than ever. Updated benefits include Corporate Supporter logos for your website, registration discounts, early access to our events, and more. There’s a package with affordable prices for all, including steep discounts for emerging or developing economies and startups. Corporate Supporter packages are valid for 365 days beginning the date payment is received.

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Corporate Supporter Packages

Feature Platinum Gold Silver
Corporate Supporter Logo Platinum Gold Silver
Sponsor Participating Chapter or Projects 10 5 1
Sponsor Participating AppSec Days
Global AppSec early bird registration discounts 20 10 2
Your brand on Large Medium Standard
Rotation priority Priority 44% Boosted 33% Standard 23%
Social media recognition provided by OWASP
Global AppSec Sponsorship Early access    
Corporate Sponsorship Subsidy
Option to provide an OWASP Individual Member benefit *must meet OWASP approval  
Job Posting Board  
Global AppSec event holding slide 15 seconds 10 seconds  

Platinum Corporate Supporter

Platinum Platinum
Platinum Standard $25,000
Platinum Regional $10,000

Gold Corporate Supporter

Gold Gold Price
Gold Standard $15,000
Gold Regional $6,000

Silver Corporate Supporter

Silver Silver Price
Silver Standard $5,000
Silver Regional $2,000
Silver Startup $2,000

What are Regional Corporate Supporters?

One of OWASP’s core values, which drives our mission, is that “anyone around the world is encouraged to participate in the OWASP community.” The financial burden of standard Corporate Supporter pricing in countries with emerging or developing economies can be a barrier to participation. OWASP offers affordable Regional Corporate Supporter rates for companies headquartered in emerging and developing economies.

Companies headquartered in these locations are eligible for discounted corporate supporter packages.

The OWASP Foundation may grant a Regional Corporate Supporter at its sole discretion after obtaining additional information.

What are Start-up Corporate Supporters?

Start-ups founded for less than 36 months at the time of joining or renewal are eligible to access the Corporate Supporter Start-up discount. Evidence such as a company registration record will be required.