Staff Information and Procedures

The OWASP Foundation Staff are responsible for helping the community to enable the OWASP mission. Information pertaining to the current operating procedures, staff goals, and plans can be found below.

Staff Workflow Procedures

Strategies from the operating plan

  • OWASP is run by the community, for the benefit of the community
  • OWASP Foundation enables the mission, not does the mission
  • All mission areas must be profitable in their own right, able to earn, and transparently and accountably spend approved funds
  • Prioritize and focus on community and outreach activities that drive our mission

2024 Draft Operational Plan & Budget

Foundation Goals for 2024

  • Continue adding Membership value and benefits; increasing student, individual, and lifetime memberships to 7000
  • Three Global AppSecs
  • Define and execute a comprehensive marketing and outreach program
  • Define and execute a comprehensive community management plan
  • Hire a Director of Community Development, responsible for fundraising, grant writing, and community outreach