OWASP Top Ten 2017

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Release Notes
Application Security Risks
2017 Top 10
A2:2017-Broken Authentication
A3:2017-Sensitive Data Exposure
A4:2017-XML External Entities (XXE)
A5:2017-Broken Access Control
A6:2017-Security Misconfiguration
A7:2017-Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
A8:2017-Insecure Deserialization
A9:2017-Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
A10:2017-Insufficient Logging & Monitoring
What's Next for Developers
What's Next for Security Testers
What's Next for Organizations
What's Next for Application Managers
Note About Risks
Details About Risk Factors
Top 10-2017 Methodology and Data
Top 10-2017 Acknowledgements

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