OWASP offers free membership to countries affected by force majeure


Andrew van der Stock

Monday, November 27, 2023

OWASP’s Board of Directors approved two additions to our force majeure policy. OWASP offers free membership to those affected by force majeure events, such as war. During times of need, the last thing people need to worry about is paying for membership, so we offer free membership to those affected. The process to apply for free membership is simple and straightforward. The two new additions to the force majeure policy are: Israel and Palestine, joining Ukraine.

Members and the general public wishing to take up or renew their membership should apply for membership in the usual way, choosing their country of residence. Membership fees will be automatically made complimentary for twelve months for countries afflicted by such an event, renewable for the duration of the force majeure event. We will be checking addresses randomly to ensure that this benefit for those afflicted by war, famine, or natural disaster is not abused.

If there are other countries in a similar situation, please contact us at OWASP Membership.