Website: Regarding the ‘Woody Allen Project’
Oct 23, 2017

Since it was announced that Diego would make a movie with Woody Allen, a lot has been said among his fans. I am not personally an Allen’s fan and I understand why so many people were upset at the time.

Unfortunately, we do not have the power to decide what a favorite actor will or will not do. And, talking about Diego, it’s a done deal because he has already filmed his scenes.

Earlier today, Page Six shared some information regarding the movie. The plot disgusted me.

In scenes just filmed, a character played by Rebecca Hall accuses 44-year-old actor Jude Law’s character of having sex with a 15-year-old “concubine.” In the scene, the so-called concubine — played by Elle Fanning (19 in real life) — acknowledges her relationship with Law’s much-older character, but then protests that she is 21 years old. After a discussion about his infidelity, Fanning’s character then asks Law, “Were all these women for pleasure, or were you researching a project?”

Considering all that happened in recent weeks regarding Harvey Weinstein – who, let’s remember, was the backer of Allen’s career in the early 1990s, in the height of the accusations made by his ex-wife Mia Farrow – it is unacceptable having a film with this plot. At least, for me. I understand some of you won’t see this subject on the same point of view, but as I said before, while we can’t decide what he do on his professional career, its up to us standing for what we believe.

For this reason, for now on, this movie won’t be promoted in our website. I won’t share anything regarding this project, like it doesn’t exist.

I sincerely, as a fan, hope Diego choose better projects in the future.