Diego Luna for Rhapsody Magazine
Sep 2, 2017

This week we was blessed with a new Diego’s photoshoot, that’s on cover of Rhapsody magazine. On the interview, he reminds about the terrible “Y Tu Mama También” audition.

“Gael did Amores Perros first, and Alfonso was interested in working with him,” Luna recalls. “Myself, it was the opposite. I had a car crash, and I arrived in a neck brace, without knowing the lines. I did the worst casting [call] ever in my life. And Alfonso saw that and he said, ‘F*** this guy, he’s terrible,’ and he went all around Mexico, and he couldn’t find someone. And then he went, ‘OK, let me see you again, and this time concentrate.’ And Gael was there, so we did a session together, and there was this chemistry and this friendship that we lent to the characters—something was already happening just by having us next to each other. And also I was paying attention then,” he adds, deadpan. “And right after the session, Alfonso said, ‘Do you want to do the film?’”

Check the photoshoot plus digital scans in our gallery.