Diego is Interviewed in “La Nota Dura”
May 22, 2017

Diego sat down with “La Nota Dura” this week to talk about the violence that’s happening right now in Mexico. They have published the entire interview, and you can read as well some translated bits coming from their website.

We have normalized violence, fear, in the absence of a State

With the war against crime, murders of journalists and disenchantment by the political class, Mexican society has become accustomed to daily violence, said actor Diego Luna when interviewed by Javier Risco .

“We have normalized violence, we have normalized fear as the state in which we are going to live and the total absence of a state that protects you,” the actor lamented, “we all have a responsibility to express a point of view as citizens and Journalists are encouraging of this freedom of expression.”

The journalist Salvador Camarena also spoke in La Nota Dura about the lack of combat to impunity, which allows the growth of the murders.

“Killing in this country costs nothing,” said Camarena, “they canceled Javier Valdez, and a community and that community extends to all Mexico, the right to know what is happening .”

Before the murder of the journalist Javier Valdez, Luna hoped to find not only the union of the majority of the members of the journalistic guild, but a deeper concern of the citizens, but this was not the case.

“In something very serious and very sad like what happened with Javier, I hoped that the country would collapse for a while and that there would be an awareness, a brake, but no.

“I was shocked by the president’s statement that (Javier) fell in the line of duty, as if we were talking about the militia,” commented the actor,” nobody in the line of duty, being a journalist, should fall or we are in a War that nobody wanted to accept.”

For Diego Luna, the elections are not a one-day exercise and one should stop observing politicians as a monarchy.

“Being a politician should give you pride, a special pleasure, it is a nomination that makes the citizenship to represent us for a while but also is a job where you have to be accountable and if not, you should throw,” he added.

Salvador Camarena commented that the issue of the US-Mexico relationship has focused a lot on the economic and negotiation of NAFTA , but governments have forgotten the issue of migrants.

“The government is doing a good strategy of negotiating with the FTA, but this line of migrants is completely empty,” said the journalist, ” we must be careful that they do not ask us to be the barrier that intercepts Central Americans on the southern border, which Let’s do the dirty work for the United States . ”

From his vision as a Mexican in the United States, Diego Luna pointed out that there are serious injustices in persecuting migrants to deport them.

“There are those who are afraid of what might happen and start with self-deportation because the children of deportees are Americans,” said the actor, we have not hit the mark on what this means in terms of the whole continent .”

Deportation cases are placed in all US media to spread fear among communities and this has generated a hatred for the system on the part of immigrants.

“A terrible fear is sown that leverages a complete community and the children of migrants are growing with a hatred of the system, do you imagine that you grow up in a community that separated you from your parents?”

For now, the protagonist of Rogue One , is in a break from his acting career and involved in issues of protection to the oceans.