Diego attends “Privacidad” Press Conference in Mexico
Sep 2, 2017

Diego is back on stage! Starting in October 5, he’ll be back at Teatro de Los Insurgentes in Mexico with the play Privacidad, alongside Luiz Geraldo Méndez.

Inspired by the case of Edward Snowden, “Privacidad” is a disturbing and ingenious look at the lack of privacy in today’s world, where governments and corporations monitor and use our information without many of us knowing or aware of it. It is a play where spectators will be asked to keep their phones on during the show, embark on a fascinating online dive and face a new reality in which we are all connected … for better or for worse.

Privacy was premiered in 2016 at the Public Theater in New York starring actor Daniel Radcliffe. Now comes to Mexico in a short season with the performances of Diego Luna and Luis Gerardo Méndez, who for the first time join talents in a project and where they will alternate the main role, accompanied by 8 actors on stage and a spectacular multimedia production directed by Francisco Franco.

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Diego attended a press conference yesterday to promote the show. In it, Diego said he was happy to return once more to the theater, and he shared that it was at the invitation of Claudio Carrera that he arrived at the project. “We went to New York to see it, it’s the first play in which when you get to the theater you’re going to be asked to pick up your cell phone and once the […] function starts, your returns very important part of it, “.

Check pictures of the press conference in our gallery.