Diego in #VamosPorMás Press Conference
Jul 17, 2017

Earlier today Diego took part of a press conference to announce a new joint work with civil, academic and business organizations against the corruption in Mexico, #VamosPorMás. He also set a blog on Tumblr in which he published the manifest read today (that’s also translated below). Watch the video:

Message from civil, academic and business organizations in the presentation of the activities #VamosPorMás 17.7.17

Corruption, impunity and serious violations of Human Rights are diseases that are undermining the health of the nation and threatening its economic, political and social development. We all suffer a deep and outrageous injustice. And we can not and are not ready to get used to it.

This phenomenon has become more aggravated in recent years. A permissive environment from the public and private spheres, coupled with a lack of effective institutions and mechanisms to promote transparency, accountability and to reduce impunity, has increased the problem. We have reached an unsustainable point.

We are the citizens, Mexicans and Mexican public sector, private and social, which we have to build the basis of a true rule of law as a firm ground for national development. We must take control over the reality that is getting out of hand.

The legal scaffolding of the National Anti-Corruption System is just the first step in building that firm floor. Now we have to persevere in its complete construction and implementation.

The more than 634,000 citizens who promoted the citizens’ initiative #3de3 and the first anti-corruption legislative package, we always knew that in order to banish corruption and impunity it would be necessary to continue to raise ideas, make proposals and demand rights.

No doubt. The new National Anti-Corruption System is awakening; and is also arousing resistance. There are groups of politicians and officials who oppose change, and others who are unable to build the citizenship they say to serve or represent. We want to live in a country that is fair and free of corruption.

During this year, we have identified reluctance of some of the local Congresses to work with the civil and academic organizations of the states through the figure of Open Parliament; We have seen indifference towards best practices when making appointments of both the Anti-Corruption System and its mirrors in the states; And we have witnessed flagrant attacks on the right to privacy and freedom of expression of journalists, activists and human rights defenders. This has to stop.

The most obvious expression of this resistance has been to attack, without any foundation, the way in which the members of the Citizen Participation Committee were selected, who are at the head of the Anti-Corruption System. This selection was made in accordance with best practices and with full openness and information on the methodology used was always public.

Faced with the resistance, we are more determined than ever to continue building a country of laws and institutions. A country with full enforcement of the rule of law.

A year ago, in enacting the laws that would give rise to the National Anti-Corruption System, we informed the Union’s powers that we would “go for more” and emphasized that the first seven laws of the System were not enough; We insist that the transformation of a regime seriously affected by corruption, impunity, and violations of human rights required a continuous and permanent effort of citizenship and an effective response from our authorities.

And here we are; Convinced that the social demand will end the simulation and bring a profound transformation of our public institutions and private lives. Despite the resistance, we remain convinced that the institutional route is the best way to transform our country. That is why, citizen, academic and business organizations today confirm that #VamosPorMás. We know that we need to strengthen the nascent National Anti-Corruption System. We are willing to work to propose, and also to demand, from the Federal Government, the Congress of the Union, the governors and the local legislatures the following points:

-Firstly, and in that we agree with the proposal by the collective for a State Attorney General that works, an in-depth discussion and a constitutional and legal reform that results in a General Prosecutor not only autonomous but independent, effective, with adequate democratic controls.

– Appointments based on best practices of those who have to operate anti-corruption systems at the federal and local levels;

– Sufficient resources to ensure the independence and functioning of the Citizen Participation Committees, the ANS and local anti-corruption systems;

– Legislative reforms that include, among others, the Laws of Acquisitions and Public Works, those relating to the finances of the parties and review the figure of the federal court for officials, legislators and governors to grant them immunity and avoid impunity. Themes and more. From the prevention of corruption, to denunciation and justice, to reparation of damage and rehabilitation, the range of changes and improvements required by a fairer country is very broad.

#VamosPorMás is a broad and plural coalition that will walk with civil organizations throughout the country and with those officials and legislators who want to take advantage until the last day of this federal administration to promote reforms and actions; And will seek every day of the remaining two legislative periods of this Legislature to be maximized. Our institutions must work beyond the electoral cycles. And before the change of the Federal Executive Power and the Congress, there is much that can be done to face corruption and impunity: public policies, legislative reforms, concrete commitments of all parties and candidates. Let there be no doubt. We citizens are willing to work to reform our institutions and laws, and improve the exercise of government. We can not lose the historic opportunity presented to us to stop being a country with high practices of corruption and lacerating impunity. We can not accept this as our reality. You have to take control, before it’s too late. We say it with a single sentence: we will continue working against impunity and against corruption; For a more complete Mexico, Go for More.