OWASP SecureBank

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SecureBank developer playground

Nowadays developers face not just new programming, but also security challenges. They are not perceived only as code monkeys but are somewhat forced to know the basics of DevOps, which brings us to SECDEVOPS. And, despite their extensive effort to try and eliminate common vulnerabilities, we can still find them in their applications.

SecureBank - developer training

Our FinTech application project SecureBank shows how developers fail to protect their environment due to a lack of knowledge about the applied ecosystem. We will determine the deployment of docker microservice solutions and where developers misconfigured their systems. Not only security in the configuration, but we still have OWASP Top 10* Web Application Security risks out in the wild. Those vulnerabilities will also be presented in the SecureBank application.

SecureBank - hacker playground

The application is not designed just for developers but is also a perfect starting point for hackers to start their path and challenge their skills.


  • Source code can be found on GitHub.
  • If you are a breaker just run the docker image from DockerHub.