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According to the United States Department of Homeland Security, the root cause of around 90% of security vulnerabilities are due to issues in software design and weakness in coding practices. This shows the critical need for secure coding, to minimise vulnerabilities within code and to ensure software products developed are secure. This is where our product, Mimosa, can help.

Mimosa is a holistic web application tool that seeks to test users on their offensive and defensive skills relating to programming, to not only educate users on secure coding but to also inculcate good programming habits.How Mimosa works is that challenges from various categories are provided to users in which they will be awarded points upon completion. These challenges come from a wide range of categories, from access control to cryptography, all requiring users to employ different techniques to solve them. Users can also earn badges when they complete challenges which motivate them to work harder to solve more challenges. Mimosa gamifies the user experience and has an intuitive interface. Challenges are also made to be fun with gamification elements to make it more fun for learners. We will also be incorporating short videos to teach some of the secure coding topics and upgrade Mimosa to both a teaching and assessment tool. We will also be publishing challenge creation vides soon.

Contributing to Mimosa

Involvement in the development and promotion of Mimosa is welcome!

Some of the ways you can contribute are as follows:

  • Try it out!
  • Submit feedback via Github issues
  • Create challenges and submit pull requests



This program is open souce under the GPL License. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL License.


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