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OWASP Chirps is an open source, Django-based, Python web application that allows users to search and scan vector databases for sensitive data, test your LLM API for Prompt injection, and find other Generative AI Vulnerabilities.

The application can connect to LLM API endpoints, vector databases like Redis and Pinecone, and Mantium Chat applications. Users can create and manage scanning policies, execute scans against an asset using a selected plan, and view the results of the scan, including any findings.



Leverage premade or custom rule sets to help identify the information you are looking for in your vector databases.



Manage your scans and their results. Create, execute, and analyze scans using plans with defined rules. And when the scan is complete, review scan findings to see what information you need to remove from your vector database.



Interact with Mantium applications and vector databases like Redis and Pinecone for storing and searching document embeddings. Users can create, edit, and delete asset configurations, which include connection details and authentication credentials.


Use Github Codespaces

Github’s Codespaces is enabled so you don’t need to fork, pull, merge, or anything else. Just spin up a fully configured dev environment in seconds and start coding.

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GitHub contributors

OWASP Chirps has been created by Ryan Sevey and is developed, maintained by these contributors.


License: GPL v3

This program is free software: You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL 3.0 License. OWASP Chirps and any contributions are Copyright © by Ryan Sevey & the OWASP Chirps contributors 2023.

Here are two demos showing OWASP Chirps in action:

Video 1 - Checking an LLM system’s API for prompt injection

Video 2 - Detecting and removing Sensitive Data in a Vector Database


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