Women in AppSec Training at Global AppSec DC

Securing the Web for Everyone

OWASP is a radically transparent organization. At least 77% of all funds in 2020 went directly to programs, despite a huge drop in our income. We are committed to ensuring each every dollar we receive through memberships, donations, gifts, and event sponsorships are spent frugally, responsibly, and on our mission. We are currently reforming our finances to ensure that no matter what our income is, more than 80% of all funds are spent directly on program delivery to benefit our mission, and not sunk into excessive marketing costs or general administration overheads.

The OWASP Foundation is deeply committed to making apps more secure - and our industry more inclusive. Pictured above is a recent Introduction to AppSec Training Class at our Global AppSec Conference that was offered at no charge to diversity candidates. The Women in AppSec, Diversity and Inclusion Committee has championed this effort and is making progress at increasing the diversity of the AppSec community. The Women In AppSec, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee that has the same organizational focus as projects, events, and chapters.

OWASP offers discounted Supporter dues for Corporate Supporters, students, and people living in developing economies. We are committed to ensuring the entire world has access to OWASP’s materials, projects, events, and chapters, no matter where you are located. And of course, all of OWASP Projects, Chapters, Local Meetings, and many events are free and open to all attendees.

You can support our mission by becoming a member, getting involved in building a secure future, becoming a corporate supporter, create grants or scholarships, sponsoring events, join a chapter, get involved in one of our committees, and donating to help sustain OWASP itself.

Annual Budgets

Tax Deductibility of Gifts & Non-Exempt Status

As a US-based 501(c)3 registered non-profit charity, donations to the OWASP Foundation are generally tax deductible. OWASP membership fees, OWASP conferences fees, and OWASP conference sponsorship include benefits for the paying organization/individual which limits their tax-deductibility. Please consult a tax professional or your local taxing authority for details. The OWASP Foundation US Tax ID (EIN) is: 20-0963503.

Tax Returns (Form 990)

The OWASP Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our fiscal year runs January through December. We post our 990 as soon as we can each year.

Audited Financial Statements

The OWASP Foundation has an external audit of our financials every year, starting with the 2022 financial year. The next audit year is 2023.

Chapter & Project Expenses

OWASP Leaders are permitted to make expense claims on behalf of their chapters, projects, or events. Expenses under $250 do not need to be pre-approved, but must always comply with the OWASP Expense Policy. Expenses over $250 need dual leader approval and in some cases, pre-approval from the OWASP Foundation prior to incurring the charge.