OWASP Enterprise DevSecOps


The main focus for this project is to explore strategic utilization of OWASP projects in enterprise with attention on DevSecOps, information security management systems and infrastructure-as-code.

We will examine the components of DevSecOps, or namely: development lifecycles, security lifecycles, and business operations and then take a holistic approach to security program management by investigating the effectiveness of DevSecOps through the lens of each component.

This project will also explore enterprise security program concepts, compliance alignment planning, risk management activities, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, architecture and infrastructure, performance measurement, continuous monitoring, situational awareness, and security training.

I chose to lead this project because I am often posed with the question of what is OWASP, how is it used, and is it just for software developers? We will explore these questions and more as we set out to discover why cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility and how security controls effect policies and governance.

My name is Princeton Brooke and I welcome you along this journey. My career as a software programmer spans over 30 years. I was 8 years old when I landed my first job as a programmer for the Cleveland Public Schools system where I developed and maintained a student database that was utilized by most of the teachers in my school and was integrated into the school’s office for administrative use. I was 13 when I landed my next programming gig as a database developer for the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

My passion for strategy alignment for compliance and execution, security program design, and IT project management was fostered by several technical lead roles including strategy and compliance focused software and web developer positions in real-estate, higher education, federal contracting, and healthcare. It was across these positions that I experienced the power of teams and the goal of operational dynamics enabled by information systems.


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