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DevSecOps is an approach to software development that combines development, security, and operations (hence the name) into a single, continuous process. It aims to integrate security measures throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from planning and design to deployment and maintenance.

Traditionally, security has been an afterthought in the software development process, with security experts brought in only after the development was complete. This led to many security vulnerabilities and breaches that could have been prevented if security had been considered from the beginning. DevSecOps seeks to change this by incorporating security into every step of the development process, making security a priority from the outset.

The DevSecOps approach has gained popularity in recent years as the need for secure software has become more important than ever. With the rise of cyber threats, data breaches, and regulatory requirements, organizations must prioritize security in their software development practices. DevSecOps provides a way to achieve this by creating a culture of security that permeates every aspect of the development process.


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Roadmap for 2023

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