OWASP DevSecOps Automation Matrix

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What is DAM (DevSecops Automation Matrix)?

The OWASP DAM is like a roadmap for teams diving into DevSecOps automation. It lays out 64 key controls in its first version, offering a solid defense plan against security risks. By putting these controls into action, alongside custom automation tools, teams can potentially slash security vulnerabilities by a whopping 95%.

What makes the OWASP DAM special is its practical approach. Instead of just theory, each control is based on real-world data and hands-on experience. This means it’s not just some abstract concept but something that actually works in the trenches. For security engineers, DevOps teams, and CISOs, embracing this framework means building security right into their development processes. It’s about being proactive in managing risks and ensuring a strong defense against cyber threats. The OWASP DAM is a game-changer, empowering teams to tackle security challenges head-on and create a safer digital environment for everyone.


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