OWASP Application Security Awareness Campaigns

The Application Security Awareness Campaigns will make available sets of B2 posters that can be put up around your office and images for use in emails that introduce your engineers to numerous different security topics and include links to more information.

The objective of the material is to give the engineers a short introduction to the topic that will leave them wanting to learn more about it and point them to where they can dig deeper. The posters or images for emails should be both eye catching and informative.


You could strategically position the posters outside meeting rooms, so that while waiting for the meeting room to free up, engineers could read the posters. Posters will have QR Codes allowing them to follow up on their phone and read more about the topic.

You could also reinforce the message with the people who have already read the poster using the smaller versions of the images in a daily or bi weekly email newsletter which they could then keep as a handy reference. This also offers you the means to reach a larger audience of people working from home and people who simply haven’t seen the posters around the office.


  • AppSec Application Security

AppSec Application Security

The AppSec poster and email template is available here for download

  • Top Ten Campaign

2021 Top Ten Overview

Top Ten A01:2021   Top Ten A02:2021
Top Ten A03:2021   Top Ten A04:2021
Top Ten A05:2021   Top Ten A06:2021
Top Ten A07:2021   Top Ten A08:2021
Top Ten A09:2021   Top Ten A10:2021

The posters and email templates are available here for download

  • Proactive Controls Campaign - Q4 2022


Thanks to Sabrina Colombo for all her help with the graphics and to Zuhal Vargun and Paul Mead for reviewing the content of the posters.

Thanks also to the OWASP Top Ten team including:

  • Neil Smithline
  • Brian Glas
  • Torsten Gigler
  • Andrew van der Stock
  • Orange Tsai

for their content which is quoted and referrenced in the Top Ten Campaign.


📑 This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.


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