Diego is Interviewed in “La Nota Dura”
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Diego is Interviewed in “La Nota Dura”

Diego sat down with “La Nota Dura” this week to talk about the violence that’s happening right now in Mexico. They have published the entire interview, and you can read as well some translated bits coming from their website.

We have normalized violence, fear, in the absence of a State

With the war against crime, murders of journalists and disenchantment by the political class, Mexican society has become accustomed to daily violence, said actor Diego Luna when interviewed by Javier Risco .

“We have normalized violence, we have normalized fear as the state in which we are going to live and the total absence of a state that protects you,” the actor lamented, “we all have a responsibility to express a point of view as citizens and Journalists are encouraging of this freedom of expression.”

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